Membership Process at Longue Vue Country Club

Membership Process

Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a member.  The Membership Department will help you with each step of the process.  If you are interested in membership at Longue Vue Club, please contact our Membership Director at or (412)-793-2232 ext. 212. 

  1.   Completing the Questionnaire

    Longue Vue is a private membership club.  Please request a membership questionnaire from your sponsor or the Membership Department.  

  2.   Finding Sponsors

    Candidates are required to have a sponsor and two to four references who are current Longue Vue members.   (The sponsor and references each write a letter of recommendation on your behalf.)  

  3.   The Posting List

    Once the questionnaire and references are received, you are considered "ready to post.” Candidates are posted for 21 days, officially beginning the Membership Process.

  4.   The Interview

    You will be invited to attend an interview with the Membership Committee, which typically meets on the third Wednesday or Thursday of every month.  Your sponsor will introduce you to the chairman and committee members in attendance.

  5.   New Member

    Candidates are formally approved by Longue Vue’s Board of Governors.   Once you are elected to membership, you will be invited to a new member orientation to celebrate your election to the club.