Mattie Edwards Hewitt

Over the years, Longue Vue has been photographed by countless people. From landscape to architecture, it has received much recognition and notoriety.

One of the most unique photographers to capture Longue Vue was Mattie Edwards Hewitt. Mattie Edwards Hewitt was a freelance photographer of homes of the wealthy, and specialized in photography for designers, architects, and landscape architects. Most of Hewitt’s significant work was done in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and was published in periodicals such as House and Garden, Town and Country; House Beautiful, The Delineator, Home and Field, and Architecture Magazine. The quality of her work and its uniqueness can truly be seen through her work focusing on Longue Vue in its early years. The pictures below provide great insight into Longue Vue’s history, and show the remarkable preservation of the Club throughout the years.