Edith Cummings                                                                "Jock" Hutchison

The Inaugural Round

The first official round of golf was played at Longue Vue in May of 1923. Although very little information is known regarding the teams, scores, or winners, the players were a very famous and interesting bunch.

The first of these players was Glenna Collett Vare. Mrs. Vare was a six time U.S. Women’s Amateur Champion between 1922 and 1935. She was known for her strength and even had drives measured to be over 300 yards long. She is also known for the role she played in originating the Curtis Cup, a professional women’s golf tournament where the United States plays against Great Britain and Ireland, as well as her participation as a player-captain for several years. Ms. Edith Cummings was also a player in the Club’s Inaugural round. Ms. Cummins was the first woman to ever make it on to the cover of TIME Magazine on August 25, 1924. She was given this honor less than one year after winning the 1923 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championships. A fascinating fact about Edith Cummings is that the character Jordan, in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, was based solely off of her. The third player in the match was Mr. “Jock” Hutchinson. In his golf career, Mr. Hutchinson was won two major events, the 1920 PGA Championship and the 1921 Open Championship at St. Andrew’s. Coincidentally, he was born in St. Andrew’s, Scotland, but he left home and became a U.S. citizen. This made him the first U.S.-based player to win an event of this magnitude. Mr. Hutchinson also won the Inaugural PGA Seniors’ Championship in 1937 at Augusta National Golf Club, and won the event a second time in 1947. The fourth and final player to play in the inaugural round at Longue Vue was Mr. Joseph Kirkwood. Mr. Kirkwood was a professional player and one of the most prominent trick shot golfers of the time.