Do you have to be a member to have your event at the club?

Longue Vue Club is a prestigous and historic private club. Therefore, one must be a member or sponsored by a member to host an event at the Club. Club staff will assist in finding a sponsor for non-members.


Can I have my wedding ceremony at Longue Vue Club?

Yes. The club utilizes the White Terrace in the spring, summer and fall seasons for wedding ceremonies. (Click on the following link to see the dramatic view)


How many people do you hold?

The ballroom comfortably seats 200+. There are options for larger events. Please call for details.


Is there a minimum number of guests?

No. There is no minimum guest requirement.
(Except for Monday golf outings when there is a requirement of a minimum of 72 players)


Is there a room rental fee?

There is not a room rental charge, except for wedding receptions. Please call for more information.


How many hours do I get use of the facility?

Longue Vue Club typically makes its rooms available for the proper length of time to
make the event succesful - different types of events require different time requirements. Please call for additional details.


Can I just rent the room and bring in my own caterer?

No. The club has an award winning Executive Chef and supporting staff to ensure that your guests will enjoy a tasteful and memorable meal.


Does Longue Vue Club offer meal tastings to sample the entrees offered?

Yes. Longue Vue offers meal tastings for up to four people after your event has been booked.


Am I able to have the photographer take all of the wedding pictures at Longue Vue Club?

Yes. Longue Vue Club boasts of having a clubhouse and grounds that are nationaly recognized as one of the best in the country. The options are limitless as to where memorable photographs may be taken.


Is there a minimum that one must spend on food and beverage?

No, there is no food and beverage minimum. And more importantly, Club staff can usually customize a menu to stay within a reasonable budget.


Are there any hidden fees for additional services that I should know about?

The advantage of holding your event at the club is that there are no hidden fees or mandatory charges. (Valet service is the only additional charge)
  • Linens are COMPLIMENTARY
  • Cake cutting is COMPLIMENTARY
  • Cookie displaying is COMPLIMENTARY
  • A/V equipment is COMPLIMENTARY
  • Votive candles are COMPLIMENTARY
  • Security is COMPLIMENTARY
  • Bridal party champagne toast is COMPLIMENTARY
  • Bridal party room is COMPLIMENTARY

How much is tax and gratuity?

Gratuity is 20% of food and beverages and tax is 7%. Both are applied to your final bill.


If I am a non-member and paid my deposit, can I get bumped from my date by a member who wants the same date?

If you have paid your deposit and meet all payment guidelines, then there is no possibility that you will get bumped from your date.


Can Longue Vue Club assist with finding reputable entertainment, photography and video companies?

Yes. Longue Vue has had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies and can recommend vendors that will do an excellent job making your event memorable.