Benefits of Membership


The Intangibles

Some of the greatest benefits of being a member at Longue Vue are the countless other benefits. The membership at Longue Vue is unlike that of any club around. From the application process and all through your years here, you will be a part of a family. This is a family that has and continues to watch its generations pass through these halls, and is always willing to help one another in any way imaginable. You will be taken care of by a courteous, attentive staff whose main concern is your satisfaction and happiness. Their goal is to ensure every trip you, your family, and your guests make to Longue Vue is the best one. The magnificent golf course and grounds, flavorful feasts in the dining rooms, sunny days of summer at the pool, and countless other ways to spend your days at Longue Vue are spectacular enough in their own right. When paired with our family-centric membership and world class staff, there is no other club that will care about and value you and yours more than Longue Vue. 

Social Events

As a member of Longue Vue Club, there are several fabulous social gatherings that occur each year at the Club. These events have become staples of life at Longue Vue, and provide an avenue to meet new people, try new things, and truly enjoy your membership in ways you may have never expected. Some events are for children, others for adults only and yet still others for the entire family to enjoy. From January’s Grand Wine Tasting through Brunch with Santa, there are certainly events for you and your family that will reaffirm the decision to hold a membership at Longue Vue.


The SWAT is a longstanding Longue Vue tradition and is a way to easily and quickly find a game, play with different members, and meet new members. With weekly SWAT events taking place on Saturday and Sunday mornings, there is a place for players of all skill levels. For the better players, the “H” SWAT, which is played from the blue tees and recommended for players with a 9-handicap or less, is a great chance to get out, play, and test your skills of some of the best golfers at Longue Vue. The White Tee SWAT is another option available to all golfers looking for a game. The teams and games change each day, and truly provide the best opportunity to get out, meet new people, and test your skills with every trip to Longue Vue. Along with the weekly games, the SWAT uses the dues money to provide three events yearly that are only open to members of the SWAT. The golf season and the year kick off in April with the SWAT breakfast, and continue on through the summer with the picnic at the 12th tee area. Finally in early October, the SWAT wraps up the year with the closing lunch. The SWAT at Longue Vue genuinely is something special and fully exemplifies the camaraderie of Longue Vue’s membership and their values.