How does one become a member at Longue Vue Club?

Membership at Longue Vue is by invitation only. If you are acquainted with a current member at Longue Vue , he or she may be able to initiate the membership process or introduce you to other members. You are welcome to contact Emily Ojerholm, Director of Marketing and Membership Sales; the Club Manager or any member of the membership committee and they will be happy to assist you.

Do I need a sponsor to become a member?

A candidate for any type of members must be proposed and seconded by two Charter, Senior, or Non-golfing Senior members of not less than three (3) years of Charter membership and who shall write a letter of recommendation to the Membership Committee. At least three (3) other references are required, from across any membership category, and who shall write a letter of recommendation to the Membership Committee. The membership secretary will be happy to assist with introductions to other members if needed.

How long does the membership process generally take?

Once a candidate has been proposed for membership and all paperwork received, they must be posted to the general membership for a minimum of 21 days per the Club by-laws. Pending the successful completion of the posting period and an interview with the membership committee, an invitation to join the membership at Longue Vue is extended. The process generally takes from one to two months.

What are the annual fees and costs associated with membership?

Your sponsor or the membership secretary will be happy to provide you with current initiation fees, monthly dues, and other costs associated with membership at Longue Vue.

Do I have any privileges during the posting period?

Generally, membership privileges are reserved until such time that the candidate’s membership is approved by the Board. If special circumstances require privileges beyond that of a guest, please contact the membership secretary.

What membership categories are available?

Longue Vue offers several membership types designed to accommodate the needs of each individual. Charter membership offers the broadest access to all the amenities. Special Charter memberships are available to those over the age of 65. Longue Vue has an excellent intermediate program for candidates age 21 – 35. Social membership offers use of the dining venues, request facilities, shooting ground and swimming pool. Non-resident memberships are also available. Click here for more information.

What are my obligations and responsibilities once elected to membership?

As a member, you are expected to keep your account current and honor any payment arrangements entered into upon acceptance of membership at Longue Vue. We would ask that you familiarize yourself with club policies and by-laws. Above all, we want you to enjoy the value of membership at Longue Vue.

What happens if I move away from the area and cannot use the club?

If you find that your career or other circumstances dictate that you move out of the area, you may transfer your membership to Non –resident status. Longue Vue has members living in other states and countries who enjoy the many privileges of membership when they return to Pittsburgh for business or pleasure. If you were to resume residence in the Pittsburgh area in the future, your membership status could be transferred back to Charter or Social, as your needs require.

May I come out to “try“ the club?

The Membership Committee would be delighted to have you visit the club and see firsthand the fine amenities that Longue Vue has to offer. Currently there are Provisional Memberships available which allow you to enjoy the Longue Vue experience. Provisional members are subject to the same membership process as permanent members. Please contact Emily Ojerholm for more information.