Guest Information



  • Denim is not permitted anywhere on LVC’s property.
  • The appropriate golf attire for men, including practice areas, parking lots, and all areas of the clubhouse, including the Men’s Grill and Locker Room, is collared shirt, tucked in, and Bermuda length shorts or slacks. Ladies attire for the course, practice area, Ladies Locker Room, and parking lots is similar.
  • Turtleneck and mock turtleneck shirts are considered to be collared shirts. Shirts must be tucked in. Collared shirts designed to be worn over shorts or slacks are acceptable. Hats are to be worn only outdoors and forward.
  • Cutoff shorts are not permitted on the property at any time. For Ladies, halter-tops, strapless tops, tank tops, short shorts, spandex or other similar clothing is not permitted.
  • Gentlemen are to remove their hats in the Men’s Grill, and all areas of the clubhouse, patios and terraces as a courtesy to other members and guests.
  • We recognize that members change into swim attire in the locker rooms and men will walk through the Men’s Grill to go to the pool. However, members and guests may not wear swim attire when dining in the clubhouse or the Men’s Grill.



   Observing certain courtesies during play will add to the pleasure of others: 

  1. Maximum playing time is four hours. 
  2. Keep pace with the group ahead of you. 
  3. Invite faster players to play through when there is a clear hole ahead. 
  4. Groups, with permission, may only cut in when there is a hole and a half open behind them





Use of cellular phones within the clubhouse is limited to the telephone booths or restrooms. Cell phone use is not permitted in the public and dining areas of the clubhouse and its patios. Brief calls may be made at the Swimming Pool. Out of respect for fellow competitors and the spirit of the game, the Golf Committee considers the ringing of cellular telephones on the golf course and practice areas a lack of courtesy to other players. Carrying a cell phone on the course for emergency purposes or discretely using a phone in the locker room areas, in the 12th tee snack shop or inside vehicles in the parking lot only is acceptable. We suggest that cell phones remain on vibrate only. If a member or guest’s professional or personal life requires urgent communication, the Pro Shop or office should be advised of the situation.